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Alyssa - Think about using some imagery from your recent travels in some of your staged photographs OR try staging a photograph while walking around looking for something to photograph. Bring your conceptual ideas to the spontaneous!

Adam - Make a piece about REAL tenderness...do not project what you think tenderness is, but what does it really mean to you.

Jen - What would happen if you began to consider the staged photograph in relation to memory and childhood (as opposed to dreams). Can you create realities out of your memories using tableau photography?

Theresa - Make a music video!

Yi Ting - The very next time you feel any emotion very strongly (be it happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, anything). Make a photograph. It does not have to be of yourself.

Jamie - Make an abstract photograph.

Pat - You are great at capturing intimacy in candid portraits, but think about trying to capture more intimacy in your staged photographs. Can you do this with toys?!

Quito - Shoot one role of color slide film. Try different shutter speeds and apertures, metering everything normal. Record the exposure for every shot. Look at and learn from your results.

Angela - Try working text into your imagery.

Ken - Explore how the use of color can alter the possibilities in a photo story. Make a photograph of the same thing in three different ways - some suggestions: try cross processing, b&w vs. color, polaroid.

Lenard - You are able to make very powerful singular images...experiment more with a story told through multiple images.

Hyla - The objects that belong to family members have a significance for you...what more can you say about these objects in your life. How do they relate to you specifically, and can you make a piece (or series) that addresses this question?

Rebecca - Think about one of your objects that has signifigance to you that makes you happy. Make a photograph about this feeling.

In case you missed us.....


Fakework ladies off to a good start after crossing the starting line...

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Our invisible plane shopping cart....It looked great, until I decided to ram it into another cart on the Pulaski Bridge and the nose snapped off!

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And this is the cart that I rammed our cart into (no pun intended)!

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Leaving the first checkpoint....we bribed the judges with jello shots to let us go before our mandatory waiting time was up!

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And what would a renegade street event be without Black Label?

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This giant penis was spraying runners as they passed over the Pulaski Bridge with only lord knows what.

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And they got Wonder Woman BAD!

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Why didn't I think of this.....???
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(OK, actually, I did, but I still just wanted to wear a Wonder Womasn Costume!!

And I thought we would be cold!
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Wonder Kristen and Wonder Lauren leave the second checkpoint after bribing the judges with specially made Wonder Woman star wrist cuffs and a Wonder Woman strip tease....star panties anyone?

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Crossing the finish line!

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The finish line - look at all those idiots!

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The ladies of Fakework won for repeat performance because we represent hardcore every year! (I was hoping we would win for best team in drag.)

Here's what the judges had to say:
Number Six's Commentary: I have said it before “I love Fakeworks. Every year they bring it and bring it hard. Personally, I think they deserved Best-In-Show in 2005 for their amazing Octopus cart. And last year I think they had a great shot at Best-In-Show for their Barrel of Monkeys... except for the fact that C.O.B.R.A. brought it so hard that year. Their Invisible Jet cart rocked and they had cool bribes (although I still haven't managed to get the zipties off my Wonder Woman wrist guards... I recommend rubber bands). And really strong jello shots. Mostly, they just have fun. Look at all of the pictures of them on Flickr. They are always smiling and laughing. I personally have a collective crush on all of them. Seriously. I was too bashful to ask about their Golden Lariats of Truth. I was scared I might confess my devotion to them all.

You can view the rest of the awards at:


5 New nevers (repost)

1. I never let go enough anymore/I take my work too seriously. (I think these are all examples of that!)

2. I never shoot square format.

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3.I never crop my photographs.

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4. I never use a Leica.

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5. I never use my flash bracket.

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Bee dogs, super dogs, and hot dogs...

...and Yoda dogs!

I couldn't help it.  I'm just so excited for Halloween!
Still life with MFA students...

Is there a photographer in the house?